By The Rohingya Post

On March 20, a fire broke out at C10-Block of Leda Makeshift refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh.

The accidental fire started from a Rohingya refugee woman’s house at 10:30am local time.

The fire spread to the neighbouring sheds quickly consuming a total of eleven shelters within an hour.

According to the camp leader Shafiq, the blaze started off from the preparation to set up a gas cylinder at Hasina Begum’s house for cooking when a malfunction took place.

In order to contain the spread of fire, Rohingya refugees promptly demolished seven houses which has resulted in reduction of further spread of fire to the densely populated refugee camp.

A total of 92 refugees from 18 families lost their shelters and personal possessions including clothes, weekly food rations and hard-earned money. Seven out of 18 houses destroyed were occupied by widows.

No major casualties have been reported.

The affected refugees are currently being provided shelter at the school in the camp while an officer-in-charge of Teknaf Police Station donated warm clothes and mats, and a number of NGOs also made visits to the refugees which have not distributed any reliefs yet. The refugees are in dire needs of shelter, food and clothes.

Leda Makeshift Refugee Camp with the extended area hosts over 34,000 Rohingya refugees. After fleeing several campaigns of ongoing genocide in Myanmar, at least 1.3 million Rohingya refugees live in the region where the world largest refugee camp – Kutupalong Camp is located.

No. of Family Head of Family Age Family Card No. Family Size Nature of Destruction Block
1 Anuwara Begum 30 119 8 Demolished (To contain blaze) C10
2 Mohammed Johar 26 181 4 Demoslished C10
3 Mohammed Eliyas 24 124 4 Burned Down C10
4 Mohammed Alam 45 125 5 Burned Down C10
5 Nurul Amin 43 130 6 Burned Down C10
6 Mohammed Elias 30 1175 3 Burned Down C10
7 Jahid Hussain 55 112 4 Demolished C10
8 Nur Boshar 17 1113 7 Demolished C10
9 Shale Ahmed 55 1183 4 Demolished C10
10 Shofi Ullah 54 1175 9 Demolished C10
11 Hasina Begum 34 1166 5 Burned Down C10
12 Samzida Begum 30 155 4 Burned Down C10
13 Rashida Begum 26 169 4 Burned Down C10
14 Laila Begum 60 1205 4 Demolished C10
15 Mohammed Hasan 25 1209 7 Burned Down C10
16 Robi Alam 26 1207 5 Burned Down C10
17 Sakna Khatun 40 1446 3 Burned Down C10
18 Hamida Begum 18 1363 6 Burned Down C10
Table: The affected Rohingya families in the accidental fire started from Hasina Begum’s house.