By The Stateless Rohingya

Kutupalong, Bangladesh: A reliable source said by Osman, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar: A 17 years old Rohingya girl was gang raped and kept her in abduction place for three days at Thaingkhali of Bangladesh border. Rape victim Zubida Begum is a heart patient and a resident of Dhayboina village of Myanmar (Burma) was taking her to Bangladesh by her father Mohammed Eilyas for treatment of heart disease on 10th of August 2014.When they came to Thaingkhali of Bangladesh, a gang of Bangladeshi hooligan robbed all 4500 Bangladeshi taka that was brought for the expenditure of treatment and travel. The hooligan demanded extra 20,000 taka in order to release. In that circumstance, Mohammed Eilyas could not effort and unable to fill the hooligan demand.

The notorious hooligan separated daughter from father and said that we will release your daughter when you bring the 20,000 taka.

The father victim could not stop crying and beseeched for release of his daughter but the cruelty gang did not do any mercy on him.

Mohammed Eilyas got very disappointed and lost his hope because how could manage the 20,000 taka by this poor condition and how he could get release from hooligans. The hooligans took Zubida Begum to unknown place and her father came to local village and explained to local people his sorrowful event.

The local people got very sad hearing that kind of news. By the way, the local people suggested to Mohammed Eilyas not to give any money to hooligans because the hooligans will not release to Zubida Begum whether Eliyas give money or not. The local people further suggested to Eliyas to complaint to nearby Bangladesh Border Guard (BBG) camp at Balukhali.

Mohammed Eilyas managed to go to Bangladesh Border Guard (BBG) camp and also some local people went with him and they submitted complaint to Bangladesh Border Guard about the kidnapping. The Bangladesh Border Guard did pay a good attention about the matter and Bangladesh Border Guard started operation to release to Zubida Begum. Bangladesh Border Guard released her from Soyodu Rohaman’s son Momtaszu Rahman’s house after 3 days of 14th August 2014 at 10:45 am local time but none of the rape culprit is arrested in the operation. It is confirmed that Zubida was gang-raped for three days.

Bangladesh Border Guard sent to Zubida and her father to Ukhiya police station to file a case against rapists where would to listen the voice of the victims but the police officer did not take any action against rapists because the police officer received bribe from Momtaszu Rahman leader of hooligan. Instead of doing case or arresting the real accused, the police file a fabricated case against father and rape victim Zubaida and they were sent to jail with they do not have passports and made accused to Zubida as a prostitute.

These kinds of event happen in Burma and Bangladesh against vulnerable Rohingya community.