Kutupalong, Ukhiya: The victim is identified as Razuma Begum (23) resident of block: D, registered camp, mother of 3 children. Her husband has gone to Malaysia I year ago. On Last 11th November, 2014 she was severely beaten at about 9:30 pm by the ex member Boktiar’s wife Shajida (25) and her friends Shuna Bibi (28), Asiya (17), Kolima (24), and Hasina (26). Member’s wife has asking money as extortion from the victim since 5 months saying that her husband is in Malaysia. She replied as she couldn’t yet settle the debt which she borrowed for her husband. Member’s wife said that if she doesn’t pay, she will see how her husband keep her as his wife.

As of her plans on 11.11.14 at about 9:30 pm Shajida sent a man to the victim’s house while she was sleeping with her children. The man called her to open the door but she refuse saying to come next morning if he has anything important to say. Meanwhile, Shajida and her friends came to the shed and entered her room breaking the door. They screamed that the victim was caught while fornicating with an unknown man and beat her severely with sticks, chains, kick and fist. The neighbours rescued and took her in IPD, camp hospital for emergency.

Member called the doctor over mobile and make her medical check up to create a false report. Doctors tested her 3 times but no sign of sex was found. Member’s wife want to declare the victim as prostitute though she is a good female in her society.

For the seriously beating she is wound. Niw her condition is worse at IPD but the member restricted doctors to send her to CSH for better treatment. The member has been threatening the victim’s relatives and brother not to disclose the matter.

It is not only the one but these have become daily basis at Kutupalong camp. Even most of victims can’t expose the violence running upon them being fear of Boktier and his gang.