Kutupalong, Bangladesh: January 15, 2014 a Rohingya refugee man, named Kala Mia, resident of block B, kutupalong registered camp, has wounded by attack of local thugs at Kutupalong Bazar. The victim was coming out of Bazar area completing his shopping at that time. He was stopped by the thugs’ leader Zafor Alam (known as Bosta Zafor). And he was supposed to coming elsewhere getting downfrom car.
Later, Bosta Zafor with along with his 11 thugs  looted his goods which he bought from Bazar for his family members and beat seriously.
Afterwards, he was sent to camp-hospital. He was also sent to Cox’s Bazar Sadar hospital. Doctor’s reports said that his backbone is broken.  It will not be cured to its natural position. He is still at Kutupalong camp-hospital. 
This sorts of inhumanely torturing become a common figure for the Rohingya refugees of Kutupalong refugee’s camp nowadays. They want to get rid
of Rohingya refugee by such every days’ threat.