RP Correspondent

Arakan Army (AA) rebels have ganged a Rohingya woman in Buthidaung Township according to reliable sources.

Buthidaung, Arakan state — A group of Arakan Army rebels gang raped a Rohingya woman, a mother of an infant child, in Buthidaung Township on October 1, 2022.

The name of the victim was NF (name withheld to safeguard the identity) and from the hamlet of Bazun Chaung, the village of Kyaung Taung.

“A group of AA rebels broke into the house of SA and held him against their guns. And they raped his wife one by one after that. At the end, they shouted out for help to the villagers, the rebels fled.

“Before committing the rape in the said household, they tried to do the same in other households, too,” said a villager.

The regional commander of the AA rebels, Maj. Naing Win, was said to have paid a visit to the place of the rape incident. Instead of taking complaint from the victims, he rather threatened the villagers not to tell anyone or report to the media.

The Arakan Army or AA is a Rakhine Buddhist rebel group engaging in battles with the Myanmar military in late 2018, they have killed and kidnapped Rohingya civilians, extorted money from them, raped their women, confiscated their lands and many more. Off late, they have taken positions in and around the Rohingya villages — that have nothing to do with the fights —  and using them as their covers against the Myanmar military and turning them into their battlegrounds despite knowing full well that Myanmar military has the notorious records of in discriminatory attacks.

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[Edited by M.S. Anwar]