By Kyaw Win | Rohingya Post

The inaugurated Ahesan Ullah Memorial Football Tournament held among the Rohingya in UK ended with the victory of Arakan Sunrisers 4-2 against BD3 Tigers on last 1st September 2014. The tournament held as a memorandum of Murder Ahesan Ullah.

How Rohingya Refugee can take the mirror of their past, spent in Bangladesh refugee camp and still facing. Ahesan Ullah(15?) was shot to death by police on 18th November 2004 with Mohammed Saber and Mohammed Saleh at Kutupalong Registered Refugee camp while breaking a demonstration of Rohingya Refugee against inhumanity.

On that Ahesan Ullah wrote with his blood that he was shot by Bangladesh police. Even that many more innocent Rohingya Refugee were imprisoned for that fabricates case. Bangladesh government also harassed his parents.

Now his parents are living in New Zealand under the resettlement process of UNHCR. From that day on Rohingya Refugee have been celebrating 18th November as a Rohingya Refugee day to commemorate Ahesan Ullah and others and show them respect. To remember the young murder Rohingya arrange some events.

Mr Nijam Uddin, manager of Rohingya Sporting Club UK arranged the Ahesan Ullah Memorial Football Tournament-2014 for the first time in UK to spread the news of the most persecuted ethnic minority in the world to be united and show solidarity their rights commemorating Ahesan Ullah and others murders.

The members of Rohingya Sporting Club UK dividing into four teams like , Arakan Sunrisers, Lion gates tigers, Royal Burma tigers and BD3 Tigers were participated in the 14 days long tournament. The tournament kicked off the match Arakan Sunriser vs BD3 Tigers on 18th August 2014.

Rohingya Sporting Club UK( Photo
Rohingya Sporting Club UK( Photo

The 14 days long tournament ended with very interesting final match won by Arakan Sunrisers 4-2 against BD3 Tigers for the First title on 1st September 2014 before the scheduled series tour of Rohingya Football Club Ireland. Arakan Sunrisers goal keeper scored a goal on the match and he was also selected best goal keeper of the tournament.

Anowar was selected as player of tournament and best goal scorer from BD3 Tigers. Sirajul was selected man of the match from Arakan Sunriser and he also scored a goal on the final match.

The tournament was sponsored by Rohingya Sporting Club UK and supported by Rohingya Survival Foundation UK to make solidarity with Rohingya refugee. Tournament manager Nijam uddin congratulates all of the players to participate and hard work for the achievements and short brief description about Shahid Ahesan Ullah in closing speeches.