Teknaf, Bangladesh: A refugee from Nayapara official camp was robbed by local goons at the rear gate of the camp while he was trying to enter the camp at about 7 pm yesterday, said a close relative of the victim.

The victim is identified as Nazir Ahmed (26), son of Fayaz Ahmed, from the I-block of Nayapara camp.

Yesterday, early in the morning the victim went out from the camp and went to nearby Nila Village to get some money from a local villager. After getting the money, he did some shopping at Nila Market to prepare for Ramadan (Islamic fasting) month.

After that he returned to the camp at about 7 pm. At first, he tried to enter the camp from the gate where police were standing. This is the gate in front of the camp.

However, he feared arrest, as he did not get permission from the police to leave the camp. As a result, he went to the rear gate of the camp, but he was caught by the local goons who robbed him while he was trying to enter the camp. At that time, he had Taka 50,000 and goods for his family. All of the goods and money were stolen from him. He was set free after being beaten.

All three of the local goons were wearing masks on their faces. The local people have long been harassing the refugees, but the government officials do not take appropriate action against them. Therefore, refugees have been facing acute troubles from the local people, said the victim with tears.

Another refugee from the camp said, “Frequently, refugees are robbed or looted by local goons with the cooperation of local security forces.”