By The Rohingya Post

Much-relieved Rohingya villagers were apologized by the Arakan Army (AA) rebels and were told to pay the tax directly to the rebels while two Rohingya still remain detained

On August 2, the Arakan Army (AA) rebels lifted the siege of Let Ma village in Minbya township after holding a meeting with the Rohingya village elders in the morning. The rebels apologized to the villagers for inflicting fear, psychological traumas and difficulties during the seizure of the village on July 24, 2021.

Due to the fear of detainment, the vast majority of the villagers have not attended the meeting called by the rebels. According to some who were in attendance, at least 300 villagers were present during the productive meeting where many aspects and views were openly discussed between the Rohingya Muslims villagers and the Rakhine Buddhist rebels.

Barring a few rebels who still remain in the village, most of them have left after lifting the siege on Monday.

Two Rohingya people, namely Molvi Omar Mia (son of Rashid Ahmed, and brother of Eliyas who was wanted by the rebels) and Hafiz Ahmed (son of Hussein Ahmed), still detained by the AA rebels. Both were detained as their relatives wanted by the revels were not found in their houses.

Moreover, the villagers are told to pay tax to the AA rebel instead of the government and the military which no longer function under the current coup.

Villagers are relieved for now after much distress under the siege for over a week, and they remain on high alert, according to the reports.

On August 1, the political wing of the AA, the United League of Arakan (ULA) announced directives to establish its own judicial system in Rakhine State. Ten days earlier on July 20, the AA also issued a Stay-at-Home order to tackle the covid pandemic in the state as the influence of the ULA and AA increases as Myanmar Military led by coup-leader Senior General Min Aung Hlaing turns its attention away from Rakhine State to the rest of the country which is battling with the civilian uprising and the pandemic crippling Myanmar under the military regime.