Akyab, Arakan State: A truck with a Rakhine dead body was seized by patrol army personnel nearby Akyab University main campus adjacent to Molake Ward on September 29, in the morning, a trader from Akyab said on condition of anonymity.

“On suspicion, the patrol army personnel stop the truck while it was going to nearby Muslim village, searched the truck and found a dead body of a Rakhine. The army brought the truck to their camp with the people where they were detained. The dead body was handed over to the relatives or not, it is unknown.”The dead body was brought to the Akyab university main campus nearby Rohingya village, Amla Para, Mowlake Para to throw it in the compound of university in the intention of that the Rakine was killed by Muslim

Rohingyas, to mention it was threw by Rohingyas. By accusing the Muslim Rohingya villagers, they want to attack again the Rohingya villages—Mowlake, Handi Hola, Amla Para, and Hoshai Para —-like September 28 (Friday), event in Akyab. The Rakhine villagers and leaders of Akyab are not satisfying to that of Friday attempt to kill Rohingya villagers of Aung Mingala Quarter, Hoshai Para,and Mowlake Para, he more added.

As a result, the Rakhine mobs will try to attack the remaining Rohingya villages in Akyab town. So, the lives of the Rohingya villagers are not safe. Rhingya villagers also do not trust on Burmese security forces such as— police, Hluntin, army though the army sometimes gave protection to the Rohingya people.

The similar case was recently happen in Maungdaw south. A Natala villager was dead at Mawra Waddi village of Maungdaw south and the Rakhine villagers tried to throw it nearby Rohingya village. But, Rohingya villagers have foiled the event in time. As a result, there was no untoward incident was happened.

Besides, in Akyab, on June, a Rakhine was arrested by Rohingya villagers and handed over to Myoma police station because of excessive collecting text from Rohingya shopkeepers. But, Rakhine mobs at Akyab accused the Rohingya villagers that the arrestee was killed by Rohingyas. Giving the reason, the Rakhine mobs tried to attack the Rohingya villagers, a village elder from Nazir Para said.

In addition, the dead body of Ms Thida Htwee was thrown to a nearby Muslim village at Kyauknimaw and accused the three Muslin youths including Thet Thet. They were accused that they had killed the Ms Thida Htwee after rape. But, according to the report of doctor, she was not raped. Really, the Rakhine leaders created the incident, and killed ten innocent Muslims in Taungupe on June 3 and continued so called sectarian violence in Arakan state, said a politician from Akyab.

As a result, the Rakhine community especially- RNDP, ALP, ALD members and other extremist Rakhines – will create problems between two communities in any time to kill the Rohingya community. So there is no safety of Rohingya Muslims. Therefore, it is needed international security force immediately to protect Rohingyas, said a local leader from Maungdaw.