BROUK President Tun Khin expressed deteriorating situation of Rohingya in Arakan State, Burma to US Senate, State Department, US Assistant Secretary, US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, National Endowment for Democracy and many NGOs in Washington DC on September 22 and 23, the information said.

“I expressed to all high level US officials about Rohingya deteriorating situation in Arakan State, Burma before President Barack Obama will be visiting Burma for the second time in coming November, 2014. He will be going to Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, to be held in Burma,” the President Tun Khin said.
Tun Khin raised humanitarian crisis and healthcare issues for Rohingya community after MSF kicked out from Arakan and Burmese government imposed restrictions on education, healthcare, marriage and movement. The Burmese government forcefully pushing the Rohingya community to accept Bengali in the place of Rohingya as an identification and second class citizen. The hate speech spreading all over the country against Rohingyas and other Muslims of Burma, but no action was taken by authority.
He also raised about Rohingya refugees situation in Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Hate Speech against Rohingyas and other Muslims of Burma.
Tun Khin urged to set up timelines and bench marks to see improvement on Rohingya issue before US government to move ahead other ties with Burmese Government during Senate meeting where many senator’s staffs attended, according to BROUK information said.
Tun Khin urged to use the word Rohingya publicly and to put effective pressure to restore full citizenship with Rohingya identity, during President Obama visit to Burma and also to meet Rohingya leaders in Burma at State department, US International Religious Freedom Group and many NGOs at National Endowment for Democracy meeting, the statement said.
BROUK President Tun Khin briefed update situation of Rohingya at State department Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affiairs, Bureau of Democracy Human Rights and Labor, Bureau of International Organizations and Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations. Mr Tun Khin particularly urged to resettle Rohingya refugees to United State from Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand issue with Bureau of Population, refugees and Migration.
Tun Khin briefed European Union Representative to UN and other missions and urged at UN to include Rohingya issue on UN general Assembly Resolutions on Burma at the United Nations in New York on September 24 and 25. Tun Khin also mentioned EU policy towards on Burma is encouraging to Burmese government to cleanse Rohingya community. EU should consider that President Thein Sein’s government is violating international Law where 1.3 Rohingyas are facing denial of basic rights and citizenship rights, according to BROUK press released.
I met US Assistant Secretary Tom Malinowski in New York on September 26 and urged to pressure the Burmese government to lift restrictions on movement, marriage, healthcare and education before President Obama visit to Burma, according to Tun Khin.
Tun Khin addressed current implementing 1982 citizenship law, which will make Rohingyas illegal immigrants and will lose their rights forever. US government has to see that President Thein Sein government is violating international law in the case of Rohingya. President Obama have to see the country where 1.3 Million people are facing denial of aids and basic fundamentals rights in the western part of country and pushing people to keep in the camps.
Mr Tun Khin also raised to lead international investigation by the US government which can establish the true facts – what happen to Rohingyas since June 2012 and October -that can bring those responsible to Justice and that can stop further attacks against Rohingyas.
Source KPN