(Burma Must Ensure the Sovereignty of Rohingya and entire people Arakan)

236 years ago, this 28 day of December, 1784, the Burmese King Bodawpaya occupied the Rohang, which is the ancient name of Arakan, and made it as a province of Burma (Myanmar) in enforcing therein total barbarism and colonialism.

The 1784’s invasion, occupation and annexation of Arakan had triggered a long period guerrilla warfare in which the Burman army reportedly killed more than 200,000 Arakanese and solicited forced laborers in building Buddhist temples while systematically holding/making them as slaves.

Following the failed attempt to overthrow Burman rule in 1796, an exodus of almost two-thirds of the Rohingya Arakanese population crossed into the Chittagong area or today’s Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.

Such was marked as the beginning of periodic influxes of refugees from Arakan into Bengal who is currently considered as Bangladeshis.

In consequence of the cessation of Arakan to British in 1824, only around one-third of Rohingya Arakanese refugee populations returned to Arakan, and hence Burmese government is routinely branding the Rohingya as illegal immigrants in denying the original fact of the existence of the Rohingyas. In consequence, the Rohingya exodus into Bangladesh has been recurring from time to time.

To make the Arakan as a Rohingya free region, Burmese successive regime has grossly involved in the dissemination of hatred among the people of Arakan whereby creating communal and racial tensions for which the entire people of Arakan have lost their ancestral sovereignty while colonial ruler is enjoying natural resources of Arakan. In fact, the people Arakan (Rohang) are an admixture of South Asia and Southeast Asia, between Muslim-Hindu Asia and Buddhist Asia, and amidst the Indo-Aryan and Mongoloid races but now, the Burmese rulers have turned the population into Mongolian race.

It is very true that the arrival of Rohingya whose original race was traced back from Indo-Aryan was settled in Rohang or Arakan or present Rakhine State in BC 3000 years ago who are undeniably considered as sons of the soil of Arakan and hence the allegation of Burmese Government as an illegal immigrant is a total lie with the barbaric colonialist mind.

By this statement, we would like to make sure that Rohingya Arakanese never entered into Burmese land but Burma made aggression into the land of Rohingya Arakanese. So, we call upon the Burmese Government to immediately take a step to ensure the sovereignty of Arakanese people as Arakan was an Independent Sovereignty in between BC 3325 to AD 1784 which was systematically ruled by 6 different dynasties including Mrauk-U Dynasty in between 1430 to AD 1784 with 41 kings.

We request all peace-loving people of the world including the regional and international community to stand with the Rohingya and all other people of Arakan in putting effective pressure on ruling National League for Democracy government of Burma to establish a genuine federal union in order to ensure state and people’s sovereignty without further delay.

For more details, please feel free to contact us at:

Mr. Mohammad Sadek (English/Burmese) Tel: +60163094599
Mr. Mohammad Islam (Bahasa Melayu/Arabic/Urdu) Tel: +60195966998
Mr. Mohammed Rafique (Bahasa Melayu) Tel: +60107875139

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