By Rohingya Medics Organisation

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a staggering increase in domestic violence on both women and children equally and possibly on men as well.

The impact of the abuse on the children’s fragile minds will be harder, and they are more susceptible to develop silent depression and anxiety hindering children’s normal psychological development and maturity.

This pandemic has debilitating effects on a country’s economy at large and most people have lost their jobs, were sent homes on unpaid leaves or forced to temporarily close their businesses for an indefinite duration. This financial crisis has led to more unrest, frustrations and fights at homes.

At this crucial time, it is important to develop and practise more care, patience and empathy toward family and loved ones.

Violent behaviour is neither an excuse nor a solution to combat the crisis.

Please practice compassion and kindness to one another. We all are in this and no one is alone.