Prime Minister Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin bin Haji Mohd. Yassin
Pejabat Perdana Menteri, Blok Utama
Bangunan Perdana Putra
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia

Assalamu Alaikum wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhu

Dear Honorable Tan Sri,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

We the undersigned 100 Imams and the Muslim community leaders in America are writing to you full of love and respect for the great country of Malaysia. Many of us have visited Malaysia and have learned its beauty and humbleness of its people and its human and physical diversity.

May Allah continue to bless your country as it grows in prosperity for its people and respect among nations.

Over many years, several Malaysian governments have been speaking up for the Rohingyas of Myanmar, the most oppressed people in the world according to the United Nations. However, we are approaching you with urgency as unfortunately bad news is spreading across America about the abuse of Rohingya refugees by some special interests in Malaysia. We know these people don’t speak for the good people of Malaysia, but their voice of fear and hate is loud.

Malaysia has been one of the leading countries in the world to welcome not only Rohingya Muslims but other oppressed people of Burma. Malaysia has been a source of safety for tens and thousands of Rohingyas while we understand that Malaysian charities are among the only charities allowed by Burma to feed those 600,000 Rohingyas still left in Burma.

As you know Rohingyas are the indigenous people of Burma living in their ancestral land who have been forced out because of ongoing genocide.

Thanks to the efforts of the American Muslim community the US House of Representative has passed a resolution recognizing this genocide and the USA has become a number one donor contributing more than 600 million dollars for the welfare of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Muslims in America are growing in number, now with about six million with about 3,500 masjids and schools. Malaysia has been a major Islamic tourism destination for our community. And as you know American tourists brought to Malaysia 86 Billion ringgit just in 2019, a number which has been steadily increasing, not decreasing. Although these tourists are not all Muslims, we are afraid that the bad news coming from Malaysia might hurt the connection we have developed with your nation.

We, therefore, respectfully request the following that Your Honor:

  • Personally issue a statement of love and tolerance towards Rohingyas in Malaysia
  • Order police to warn the hatemongers who are giving bad name to Malaysia
  • Do not confine Rohingya to camps, as long as they obey the Malaysian laws
  • Visit the Rohingyas at Eid, offering them Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
  • We believe this will earn you love from Muslims all over the world.

As American Muslims, we strongly urge the international community, and our own government, to increase support of your efforts to accommodate the minority community of the Rohingya. As we are called on to sacrifice to care for the stranger and the traveler, we may look forward to building a world of mutual support, trust and love.

Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid. Illinois
Imamdu Abdul Jabbar, Georgia
Imam Dr. Nisar ul Haq, Alabama
Imam Hadi, Virginia
Imam Dr Sameen Khan, New York
Naeem Mullah, Georgia
Imam Yasir Ahmad, Georgia
Imam Zakirullah, Georgia
Imam Inayatullah, Georgia
Qari Abdul Basit, New Jersey
Imam Abdullah, Georgia
Hafiz Ajmal, New York
Hafiz Atif Abbasi, Georgia
Mushtaq Ahmed, Georgia
Shaikh Bouchaib Elguenaoui, Massachusetts
Amjad Taufique, Marietta, Georgia
Imam Shuaib Alzenati, Colorado
Imam Khalid Latif, Chaplain, NYU
Shaikh Yahya Hindi, MD
Imam Tayyib, Brentwood, NY
ShaikhAbdulWahhab, Melville, NY
Waleed Tawfeek, Babylon, NY
Maulana Mutee ur Rahman,Medford, NY
Imam Abdur Razzaq Azeez, Deer Park, NY
Qari Khursheed Ali Alvi, Lawrenceville, Georgia
Shaikh Hassan, Riverhead, Georgia
Mustafa Syed, Hauppauge, NY
Imam Shamsi Ali, Jamaica, NY
Hafiz Amin ur Rahman, Medford, NY
Imam Shahid Ismail, Somerville, NJ
Imam Mostafa el Zabawi, Manhatten, NY
Imam Abdullah Danish, Brooklyn, NY
Imam Saeed Qureshi, Teaneck, NJ
Imam Raoof Zaman, Piscataway, NJ
Imam Mohammad Mukhtar
Imam Noman Hindi
Imam Mustapha Elturk, Michigan
Imam Haroon Ahmed
Imam Tofael Nuruddin
Imam Chad Earl, Maryland
Imam Muhammad Chowdhury
Mufti Abdullah Nana, California
Imam Shahid Ismail, Somerville, NJ
Imam Mostafa el Zabawi, Manhatten, NY
Imam Abdullah Danish, Brooklyn, NY
Imam Saeed Qureshi, Teaneck, New Jersey
Imam Raoof Zaman, Piscataway, NJ
Imam Shakir Mohammad, Fort Collins, CO
Imam Kamran Khan, Fayetteville, Georgia
Mufti Shareef Ahmad Fani, Greensville, Georgia
Imam Rashid Anwar, Roswell, Georgia
Shaikh Yusuf Rios, ILF, Chicago,IL
Shaikh Mustafa el Turk, Ameer IONA, Warren, MI
Imam Rafiq Mahdi, Knoxville, TN
Imam Wesley Lebron, 3 Puerto Rican Imams Masjid, NJ
Imam Furqan, Atlanta, Georgia
Imam Hasan Sabri, Miami, Fl
Shaikh Saleem Muhammad, Coney Island, NY
Imam Abid Ali, New YorkImam Adamu, New York
Imam Tariq Farhan, Dallas, Georgia
Hafiz Yasir Abbasi, Atlanta, Georgia
Nazimol Sahib, Masjid al Wali, Edison NJ
Imam Dawood Abdul Haqq, Newark, NJ
Hafiz Ubaid, Alpharetta, Georgia
Shaikh Jumua Mohammed, Marietta, Georgia
Imam Muhammad Anis Anis
Imam Ramzi Mohammad
Imam Hesham El-Meligy
Imam Kaiser Aslam
Imam Omar Hedroug
Imam Abdul-Malik Ryan
Imam Cornell Markham
Imam Subhan Khan
Imam Bukair Uddin
Imam Faiz Ahmed
Imam Mika’il Stewart Saadiq
Imam Mohammad Khan
Imam Bahurudeen Shaik Mohamed
Imam Nisar Alvi
Imam Khalid Iqbal
Imam Mohammad Qazwini
Imam Sajeel Malik
Imam Arshad Imran
Imam Munawar Haque
Imam Imran Nazeer
Imam Wahaajuddin Mohammed
Imam Luqman Ahmad, Ohio
Imam Amath Diouf
Imam Ro Jahangir