ERC calls for the justice and accountability of Myanmar Genocide against Rohingya

THE HAGUE: The European Rohingya Council (ERC) organised a peaceful gathering in front of International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands on November 25, 2018. The gathering is a part of ERC’s ongoing international campaigns to end the genocidal sufferings of Rohingya people in Myanmar.

During the gathering, ERC and the Rohingya community living in Netherlands expressed disappointments over the European Union, the United Nations and the international community for effectively failing to stop the Myanmar genocide against Rohingya. ERC also expressed that the genocide is still ongoing inside Myanmar where the government and the military are attempting to collectively destroy the community as a whole. The people in the gathering demand the international community to immediately stop the ongoing genocide against Rohingya in Myanmar and not to forcefully repatriate Rohingya from Bangladesh unless there is an international protection during their return and rebuilding of the community.

ERC also demands the International Criminal Court (ICC) to swiftly prosecute the perpetrators of genocide.

During the peaceful campaign, Rohingya children hold posters seeking the following demands:

1. Recognition of Ethnic Identity
2. Restoration of Citizenship
3. Right to Self-Identity
4. Protected Return to the homeland with International Protection
6. Release of Detained Rohingya
7. Return of Rohingya in IDP Camps to their original villages
8. Return of Confiscated lands
9. Accountability for Genocide
10. Justice for Rape Victims
11. Prosecution of Myanmar Generals
12. Stop issuing NVC Cards
13. Safe, Dignified and Voluntary Repatriation
14. Formal Education in Refugee Camps
15. Uphold Sheikh Hasina’s 5-Point Proposal
16. Bangladesh stops stripping of refugee status from registered refugees
17. Scrap Plan to Relocate Rohingya Refugees to the Isolated Island in the Bay of Bengal
18. Basic Human Rights
19. Supports of UN, EU, US, OIC, ASEAN to bring perpetrators to justice
20. Targeted Sanctions on Myanmar Military Chains of Command and Companies

After the gathering, the chairman of ERC, Dr. Hla Kyaw held a press conference with correspondent of Anadoulu Agency.