By The Stateless Rohingya

RATHEDAUNG: Myanmar Armed Forces along with Rakhine extremists raided Razar Bil (Auk Nan Yar) Rohingya village in Rathedaung township leaving five Rohingya injured and several arrested.

The sudden raid was conducted at around 7am (GMT +6:30) time on Friday, August 4, to arbitrarily arrest Rohingya. Eyewitness reported that the illegal extremist Rakhine settlers along with the armed forces started to harass Rohingya women in Auk Nan Yar, and when the men gathered to protect their women, BGP opened fire towards the crowd indiscriminately.

Five Rohingya are reportedly sustained severe injuries from the gunshots. The Rohingya who injured are identified as Abdu Subhan (17, s/o Abul Kassim), Sayed Ullah (14, s/o Karimullah), Bashir Ahmed (20, s/o Mohammed Hassan), Younus (24, s/o Noor Alam) and Mv. Abdu Shukur (40, s/o Motiur Rahman).

Meanwhile, five more men were arrested and detained by the police including a father and a son. They are Rahmatullah (30, s/o Amir Hamza), Amir Hussain (41, s/o Rahmatullah), Naser Ullah (20, s/o Noor Mohammed), Hir Hussain and Khari Rahmat.

Police continued the raid till Friday sermon in Auk Nan Yar. Hence Rohingya villagers were unable to perform the Friday Jummah prayer in fear of arbitrary arrests and beatings.

Since last July Myanmar Armed Forces along with Rakhine extremists start raiding Rohingya villages in Rathedaung township which is sandwiched between Rohingya majority townships Maungdaw and Buthidaung, and harassing Rohingya with arbitrary arrest and physical torture.