: A general knowledge competition was held at Kutupalong Ideal Dream
School (KIDS) where class 6 was introduced in both refugee camps for the first time in this year.
Around 100 Rohingya children from class 6 of Kutupalong refugee camps as well as
outside the camps were participated in the competition.

The competition was
organized to promote and increase the knowledge of student beyond the lessons
taught at school. “We distributed a practice sheet to each students a week
prior to the test comprising of questions about Arakan, Refugee camps,
Bangladesh, general world facts, sports, Islam and many other which can help
our young students to acquire basic knowledge of referred topics that we feel
it is enormously important for the youngsters,” said a teacher of the KIDS.

The Questions were
based on the text books of their level including 35 percent from the practise
sheets. They were MCQ system with some blanks to fill in one word. Results were
published three days before Prize Giving Ceremony which was on 20 July. There
were 13 prized for the achievements involving one first, one second, two third and nine consolation Prizes.

The students have
shown their excitement and enthusiasm from the beginning of the competition for
able to participate in this kind of competition. The parents and the guardians
were also delighted and motivated seeing their children were participating in
an unusual competition.

During the prize
giving ceremony, the guests have shown their thanks to the teachers who have
arranged and financed by themselves with hardwork. “It will be great to take
this kind of competition by the authorities of implementing partner of
Education Project. We hope they can support this sort of activities even if
they can’t help financially, and this is a crying need for the young generation
to build up their golden life,” a teacher concluded.