Ukhiya, Bangladesh: Three days of heavy rain has destroyed many residential huts in the unregistered Rohingya refugee camp of Kutupalong, said an elder from the camp.

Heavy rain and wind destroyed the shack in Kutupalong refugee camp

“The unregistered Rohingya refugees are now facing difficulties to live in their shacks as the roofs of the shacks have been damaged by wind and heavy rain. When the rain falls inside the shacks, the refugees can’t stay inside.”

“The refugees are also facing food shortages as the rain doesn’t allow the refugees to work outside the camp to collect firewood, pull rickshaws, etc.”

“Some huts were completely destroyed by the heavy rain and wind, so the refugees can’t sleep in their huts.”

“The refugees are not able to rebuild their shacks because of severe lack of finances. There is no way for them. They will face starvation if they use their only money to rebuild their shacks,” said a refugee committee member.

“We have been living in the Kutupalong makeshift camp for four years in these critical conditions.”

Refugee back to their shack without medicines from MSF after waiting long time to see the doctor

“In the rainy season, most refugees are suffering from fever, cough, and pneumonia, but the refugees are also not getting proper treatment from the supporting MSF (Holland) clinic. The refugees wait around three-to-four hours in the clinic to see the doctor and to get medicines. Sometimes the refugees return to their shacks without medicines or any hope,” said Hussinara Begum, who waited in the clinic for more than four hour to see a doctor about her sick child.

Hamida Katoon, a widow, said, “My hut was destroyed in the heavy rain two days ago, and I have not been able to sleep well at night as I am not able to rebuild my hut.”