Teknaf, Bangladesh: Heavy rainfall has continued along the border area for three days, said a refugee from Kutupalong camp.

“Heavy rain and wind are destroying shacks in Kutupalong unregistered refugee camp.”
Over 20 huts of unregistered refugees were destroyed by heavy rainfall, and the unregistered Rohingya refugees are now facing difficulties to live in their shacks as the roofs of the shacks have been damaged by wind and heavy rain, said a refugee committee member.
“My hut was destroyed by heavy rainfall, and I can’t rebuild the hut as I am not able to go to the mountain to collect bushes for fear of local people’s attack. I don’t know what will happen for my family in the rainy season,” said Mahmed Anwer, a refugee at the unofficial camp.
“The unofficial refugees are also facing food shortages as they aren’t able to go outside the camp to work for fearing of attacks.”
“Similarly, the registered refugees from Kutupalong camp are also not allowed to go outside their camp by the authorities because local people will attack the refugees as before,” said Anno, a registered refugee.
“The camp security personnel is managing security around the official and unofficial camps.”
Kasim, a daily laborer from Kutupalong makeshift camp, told the Kaladan Press Network (KPN), “We can’t go to work for food because locals have threaten to attack us if we go outside the camp.”
He also said that many refugees are unable to go to the mountains to collect firewood because of the hostility of some local people. Many widows are facing starvation since locals have begun attacking refugees.
Besides, the communication between Teknaf and Cox’s Bazaar has been cut off because of heavy rain that has destroyed bridges. Many local people are affected by rainwater and have lost their properties, said a trader from the Teknaf.
There may be landslides near the regions of Teknaf, Cox’s Bazaar, and adjoining hilly regions due to the heavy downpour, according to a Met Office special bulletin warning to the people.