Teknaf, Bangladesh: A refugee woman was attempted to rape by a local youth on August 28, while she was in his shop for recharging her mobile set in the evening, said a refugee leader from the camp.

“The victim was identified as Jarina Khatun (not real name) (35), Block # A and Room # 303, of Leda unofficial camp.”

“Jarina went to a nearby shop of local youth named Sayedul Amin for recharging her mobile set on August 28, in the evening. Jarina went the shop frequently to recharge her mobile set and the shopkeeper charge Taka 5 per once charging. As usual, she went to his shop with her mobile set, and asked him to recharge her set. She gave her mobile set and charger to him where the shopkeeper asked to wait a moment. Sitting in the shop, she was taking rest, in the meantime, the shopkeeper suddenly grabbed and dragged her into the shop and tried to assault her.”
However, the refugee woman resisted with him and was set free. The local shopkeeper failed to attempt her to rape which made him very angry and he beat her severely. At last, she was able to go her shed with severe wounds with bleeding. But, the shopkeeper did not return her mobile charger, said another refugee.
After reaching at her shed, she showed her wounds to the neighboring refugees that the local shopkeeper assaulted her. But she did not get any justice from authority, or refugees or local villagers.
According to sources, many refugee women and girls were assaulted by the local goons and local villagers while they were going to collect firewood or carrying water from the streams.
“We do not want to make problem with local people as we have to cross their village every day to search of works,” said an elderly refugee from the camp.
An elder from the camp said, “We are living here with cute problems while we do not get any support from any quarter.”