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Military Coup in Myanmar: Two steps forward 10 leaps back

ARNO condemns the military coup which has taken place in Myanmar on 1st February. The Rohingya were entirely disenfranchised throughout the entire election process and have lost all vestiges of their human rights during the National League for Democracy (NLD) rule. A great injustice was done to them. Nevertheless, the NLD which has secured the 322 seats in the bicameral legislature should be allowed to take rightful place in leading the country.

On February 2, 2021, the UN Security Council met to discuss the military coup and to date no statement has been made by the UN Security Council. However, several countries have issued diplomatic statements condemning the current events in Myanmar.

ARNO emphasizes that the international community must not turn a blind eye to the events of Myanmar regardless of the statements made by the military and others to diminish the events over the last few days. The international community must ensure that Myanmar does not return to the dark days from 1962 – 2011 where the military ruled the country. Violence during those times and even until today has continued unabated against ethnic and religious minorities throughout the country. The Rohingya people who are currently in IDP camps and in the Arakan continue to suffer. They are under the threat of genocide and will need extra protection from the international community.

ARNO is also aware that the military’s takeover of the country is likely to impact the timeline of the Rohingyas’ return to their ancestral homeland in the Arakan. ARNO encourages Bangladesh to ensure that through their “bi-lateral” discussions with Myanmar no forced repatriation takes place. The Rohingya people must be given a safe, dignified, and voluntary return, regardless of the wishes of external third parties who have now inserted themselves into the repatriation process.

ARNO further encourages the work of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court to continue. While political negotiations continue, it is of utmost importance that international justice tracks. ARNO calls again on the international community for the creation of a Truth and Clarification Commission or an independent international mechanism in order to allow all ethnic and religious peoples within Myanmar to have an avenue to expose the horrible conditions that the Tatmadaw has created over the last several decades.

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