Kutupalong: Bangladesh Forestry Officials launched 2-day operation to demolish more than 400 makeshift-tents that were built by newly arrived Rohingya for temporary shelter. The demolished tents include one shelter designated for temporary mosque.

“Today, a group of forestry officials along with local village headmen and some villagers came to the recently built makeshift-camp and started destroying their shelter,” an eye witness reported.

“When the officials came to demolish our tents, we requested them that we have already lost everything in Myanmar; we collected these wood and plastic sheets; if you demolished our tents, we would have nothing to cover in this winter; how could we shelter our children from the winter coolness; but they didn’t listen our request,” an affected refugee reported.

It’s also reported that the officials also fired guns in the air when the refugee tried to restrict the demolishing of mosque. Three refugees were probably injured, a local reported.

Similar incident of demolishing temporary shelters of newly arrived Rohingya refugee took place on 4th January under the command of Tein Khali Forestry Official Abdul Mannan.