By Khaing Tun Kyaw

Buthidaung, Arakan State — Reports are emerging that the Myanmar junta forces are increasingly conducting raids at ‘Thaya Kin Manu’ village in Buthidaung Township, while Rakhine Buddhist rebels from “Arakan Army (AA)” have abducted another Rohingya villager in the same township.

‘Thaya Kin Manu’ is a Rohingya village in which the junta military have been conducting raids, torturing and seizing the villagers and tearing off and destroying Family Registration Lists and other valuable documents belonging to the villagers, after a dead body of a junta soldier was found floating in a river nearby the village.

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“The villagers can not move anywhere from their village till now. The military is beating the villagers inhumanly accusing them that the killer of the soldier was from the village. They are asking for his missing gun from the villagers which they (the villagers) have no idea about.

So, the villagers are living in a constant fearful and stressful situation,” said Shafiq (not real name), a local Rohingya from the region.

Elsewhere, rebels from “Arakan Army (AA)” abducted a young Rohingya teenager from ‘Wara Kyun’ village last Tuesday (Aug 24) in Buthidaung Township for an unknown reason. After that, he was said to have been detained in a nearby ‘AA’ base located nearby the village.

The teenager abducted by the rebels has been identified as “Mohammed s/o Mv Abdullah, 17.” His current situation under the detention of the rebels is unknown.

“Currently, we are stuck between two dangerous oppressors, the Myanmar military and AA. We don’t know what to do now. Whether to flee or die here,” said a villager in a desperate tone.

Since the Myanmar junta forces and the “Arakan Army” entered into ceasefire since February 1, the day when the military-led coup d’etat and the people in Myanmar started to rise up against the military, rebels from the “Arakan Army” have started committing abduction of Rohingya Genocide survivors remaining in northern Arakan state, extorting humongous ransom for their release, torturing them and killing them in multiple occasions.

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According to the latest reports, “Arakan Army” is said to have been instructing the Rakhine Buddhist villagers in rural areas in Buthidaung Township to evacuate their places and move to the downtown as there is a possibility of intensified fightings between the Myanmar junta forces and the “Arakan Army” rebels from August 28, 2021 onward. The Rakhines subsequently are trying to sell their properties and livestock and moving to the downtown.

Meanwhile, the Rohingya villagers are stuck in their places in the region and could move nowhere.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]