By The Rohingya Post

On December 21, Myanmar Military killed a young Rohingya man in Kyun Pauk Pyu Su, Maungdaw township, Rakhine State.

Some army officers summoned the village administrator of Kyun Pauk Pyu Su and showed him the dead body of Rohingya on December 22.

According to villagers who saw the body, the man in dark-coloured shirt and trousers bore a gun-shot injury to his head.

The administrator then transferred the body to Maungdaw General Hospital where a post-mortem was performed. The medical staff subsequently handed over the deceased to Rohingya in Myo Ma Ka Nyin Tan, Maungdaw downtown where he was buried.

According to Rohingya in Kyun Pauk Pyu Su and the downtown, no one knows who the person is nor where he hails from.

Some villagers in Kyun Pauk Pyu Su heard multiple firings at around 7:00 am local time on December 21. Due to the fear and curfew, the villagers remained locked inside their houses.

The killing comes just two weeks after the genocide case hearing at the International Court of Justice in the Hauge where State-counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi defended the genocide against Rohingya and assured the Court that army officers responsible for killing of tens of thousands of Rohingya were sentenced under the military justice system even though many officers were pardoned within a few months.

The Gambia which filed the case against Myanmar, calls the Court to urgently grant provisional measures to prevent all acts of genocide, to ensure military stop committing crimes, to stop destroying evidence of genocide, to grant access to Myanmar for investigation.

The atrocities against Rohingya are still being committed by the armed forces with full impunity.