By Mohammed Rafique, The Rohingya Post

“Due to the atrocities and acts of terrorism of the military, the streets and communities across Myanmar have become battlefields. There have been many civilian fatalities and the life, liberty and security of the people are under constant threats due to the acts of terrorism committed by the illegitimate military council.”

On March 1, Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) declared State Administration Council (SAC) as a “Terrorist Group”.

The declaration from the elected members of the Union Parliament comes after a month following Myanmar Military’s coup d’etat on February 1.

The coup leader Senior General Min Aung Hlaing formed State Administration Council seizing the state power, declaring the NLD (National League for Democracy) landslide victory null, detaining elected officials, activists and personalities, and launching a countrywide crackdown on protesters.

Civil Disobedience Movement(CDM) was launched by healthcare workers on February 2, which is later joined by diverse civil groups, religious organisations and ethnic minorities.

As millions continue to join the movement, Myanmar armed forces intensify crackdowns against unarmed civilians using live and rubber bullets, water cannons and other violent means to disperse the protesters.

The military also empowers criminal gangs to create chaos and target the protesters from Civil Disobedience Movement.

February 28 saw the deadliest day in the country with at least 18 civilians shot to death and hundreds of sustained injuries. Moreover, there are hundreds of protesting being detained every day.

On its declaration, CRPH states – “The “State Administration Council (SAC)” has been declared as “Terrorist Group” for its atrocities and acts of terrorism, in contravention of the Counter Terrorism Law, committed against the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the citizens.”

There are also widespread calls from civil rights activists and leaders on the international community and powerful countries to recognise the Myanmar Military as a terrorist organisation and refer its leaders particularly Senior General Min Aung Hlaing to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for his atrocities against the unarmed civilians and for his campaigns of genocide against the ethnic Rohingya minority.

Read the full Declaration of Terrorist Group bellow.