By The Rohingya Post

Maungdaw North 31 March 2017: Several dozens of Myanmar army attacked Doe Tan (locally called as Ludaing) village in Northern Maungdaw and took dozens of Rohingya into hostages.

At around 11:00 am local time, several dozens of Myanmar security forces encircled Doe Tan village in a surprised raid. The security forces then chased more than hundred Rohingya into a nearby school. After hours of intimidation and terrorizing, the security forces arrested 11 Rohingya men and took some pictures of them in naked position, according to the eye witnesses. At around 5:00 pm local time the security forces left the village and took those 11 Rohingya into hostages.

The arrested Rohingya are as follows: Ro Sawlim, 25 years (son of Zawkaria); Ro Rofiq, 23 years (son of Zawkaria); Ro Shofiq, 18 years (son of Zawkaria); Ro Mahmed Ullah, 45 years (son of Mahmed); Ro Zafar, 32 years (son of Shoritullah); Ro Yasin, 18 years (son of Madullah); Ro Idris, 20 years (Mahmed Hakim); Ro Hosaun, 22 years (Soyeedul Islam); Ro Addul Amin, 25 years (Da Bolu); Ro Bolamin, 23 years (son of Feran); and Ro Dolaillah, 32 years (Aduraman). The family members are in desperation and fear that their loves one will be tortured and killed by Myanmar armed forces.

Since 9 October 2016, Rohingya have been facing terrorization, intimidation, mass rape, and mass arrests. So far several hundred Rohingya are still in detention for the crimes they have never been committed. Many Rohingya were killed while more than 500 Rohingya women were raped. Although Rohingya have been facing the end stage of slow-genocide according to the researchers, the international community is shamelessly reluctant to take any concrete action to stop Myanmar’s systematic persecution of Rohingya.