Local goons from Ali Khali under Teknaf police station attempt to attack for money or valuable things on May 23, Rahaman, a refugee from Nayapara camp.
Anwar (25), son of Noor Alam, block-P, MRC # 00211, Nayapara official camp was attacked by some local goons when he returned from teaching some students from Rangikali. The goons beat him and try to snatch his mobile phone and money from his pocket, according to Anwer statement.

But, the goons successes to take the money from his pocket, not able to take his mobile as he screamed for help and two local people rushed to the spot and saved him from the goons, Anwer more added.

Similarly, another unofficial refugee of Kutupalong makeshift camp named Hafez Molouvi Yonus (40), son of Rabis, was beaten up at Balukhali locality by some local goons after catching up on May 23. He was severely beaten up and taken away money from him by them, Anis, an unofficial refugee from Kutupalong makeshift camp said.

The robberies and harassments against the Rohingya are being increased in different places along the Bangladesh-Burma border recently, according to refugees.