Ukiah, Bangladesh: A woman was killed and two were serious injured with knives in the Kutupalong makeshift camp by a drug addict refugee on February 15 at night, said a refugee elder from camp.

Rafique Uddin – a unregistered refugee from Kutupalong refugee camp – was listening music with a mobile phone nearby his shack at around 10:00pm and Jafar Alam (25) son of Ulla Meah – a drug addict—approached to him where Jafor tried to snatch mobile and become a quarrel between them, the elder added.

Rafique screamed and called his family member for help to save his mobile and his life as he was stabbed. Rafique’s mother, Azeda, (40) went to the spot to save her son and his mobile, but suddenly, Azeda was stabbed by Jafor where she died on the spot, according to neighboring refugees.

“Mamataz Meah, the father of Rafique went to the spot after hearing screamed and noisy of his family member, but he was also stabbed by Jafor  and ran away from the seen while nearby refugees rushed to the spot.”

Rafique and Mamtaz were seriously injured, admitted at Shamak hospital in Cox’s Bazar where Azeda was sent to government hospital of Cox’s Bazar for autopsy. She was buried at refugee cemetery on February 16, said a relative of the victims.

Regarding the accident, son in law of Azeda had filed a case against the Jafor in Ukhiya police station.

Jafor was arrested by the refugees on February 16 and sent to the Ukhiya police station.

According to Camp-In-Charge, Jalal Uddin of official Kutupalong camp confirmed that the accident was occurred in the unregistered makeshift camp.

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