By Mohamed Rafique, The Rohingya Post

Cox’s Bazar: Over 40 Rohingya refugees have been reportedly missing after a boat carrying at least 60 Rohingya capsized off Bhasan Char at 1:00 AM local time on August 14.

At 10:00 PM, the boat left the island in hope of returning back to refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar from where they were relocated to the island.

Fourteen Rohingya refugees have been rescued by Bangladeshi fishermen in Bay of Bengal. The survivors have been sent back to Bhasan Char.

The missing refugees are fear to be dead due to the lack of rescue mission in the volatile waters amid the high tide in Bay of Bengal.

A number of children, women and men are among the missing. A four-month-old infant, born in Bhasan Char, was onboard.

The Rohingya Post has reached to two families whose relatives are still missing in the tragedy.

According to them who withheld their names for security reasons, the refugees feel betrayed and misled by the government of Bangladesh during the process of relocation to the island.

The government has promised to provide 5,000 Taka per month to each Rohingya refugee once they have been relocated from refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar to Bhasan Char. After being relocated, the government has not fulfilled the promised amount.

Furthermore, the rations are not being distributed regularly. It is also reported that 12kg of rice per person is being reduced, coupled with restrictions of movement and livelihood to support their loved ones on the island.

“We thought the life in Bhasan Char would be better off. Now it turns out to be a living hell. There is no freedom of movement. There is no adequate medical care. There is no adequate rations. Most importantly, there is no hope on this island. Rohingya families are risking everything they hold dear to find hope elsewhere,” a relative of missing Rohingya refugees told The Rohingya Post.