Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: Local villagers from Fawliyapara (Village) armed with wood and bamboo sticks, pickaxes, mattocks, swords, knives and bamboo spears attacked Rohingya refugees (registered and unregistered) in Kutupalong camp on July 16 at 10 a.m. Twenty refugees were seriously injured including four women, said a refugee elder from the camp.

“The local people first attacked the unregistered camp where the local destroyed some shacks. Some refugees were injured in the clash with the locals. They then moved and attacked the registered camp.”
“We found twenty refugees were seriously injured, and others have minor injuries. The seriously injured refugees were admitted to the Kutupalong Camp Health Clinic.”
The concerned authority of Camp and local administration officers has imposed curfew; no movement and no permission to gather three persons in the camp after 8:00pm night only since the clash occurred.


A registered refugee woman showing, the Local cut the shack’s tin fence of registered camp


Refugees gather in front of Camp authority office and clinic of registered Kutupalong camp


Refugee carrying another elderly refugee to the clinic after local attacked the camp


Mustafa Kamal, 25, a registered school teacher was beaten by the local


Rohingya students from registered camp are protesting inside the camp against the local villagers, who had beaten their teacher


A Rohingya refugee woman is looking for her missing husband after local attacked the camp