Teknaf, Bangladesh: Camp security police inspector seized a cow from Burmese refugees yesterday, at about 12:30, over the allegation that the refugees have no permission to slaughter cow in the camp, said a refugee committee member from the camp.
“On behalf of refugees  of Nayapara camp, Mohamed Sultan (44), MRC No. 2628, Shed No. 1034 of Nayapara camp, bought a cow from local village with Taka 25,000 after getting permission from the Camp-in-Charge on July16  for slaughtering on Lailatul Barat day (on July 17) to take a good dish at night of the holy day. On that day, across the Bangladesh and in Arakan State, every household tries to maintain a good dish that night and to pray whole night.”
“In similar way, refugees in the Nayapara camp wanted to make a good dish with beef. But, unfortunately, the refugees’ plan was not implemented on that day so they keep the cow in the camp to slaughter on forthcoming holy night (Lailutul Kadar) on August 28 and wants to prepare a good dish in every family.”
However, on August 21, at about 12:30 pm,  suddenly, a group of police personnel numbering eight led by  inspector Nurul Isam entered the Nayapara refugee camp  and swooped the cow from the camp to their temporary police barrack where it was kept so far. Mohamed Sultan, the owner of the cow was also brought to the police barrack and detained till now. Collecting money from the refugees, Sultan bought this cow with the hope of a good dish on said holy night, but in vain, a youth refugee from the camp said. 
But, Sultan showed the documents of permission of Camp-in-Charge and original voucher from the owner of the cow whom they bought it. But, police denied seeing the documents, saying that refugees have no permission to slaughter cow in the camp. So, the cow is not returned to the refugees.
A refugee elder said from the camp, “Police men of the camp security want to eat flesh from the dead body.”
“Refugees are rare to have a good curry in their scheduled lunch and dinner, but always pepper sauce and vegetables. Why the police bar refugees to have a good dish once a year. It is bad luck for the refugees,” said a refugee leader.
When the matter was appraised to the Camp-in- Charge, the officer said that he gave permission for only Lailutul Barat not for Lailutul Kadar. It is the work of police; I don’t interfere to their works, said another refugee.
However, refugees are trying to get cow, after giving information to the concerned authorities.