Rohingya Women Globally Condemn the Military Coup in Myanmar

Press Release

February 11, 2021

We, the Rohingya Women’s Network, strongly condemn the military coup in Myanmar.

Our network represents Rohingya women from the global diaspora – in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Australia, and other countries today we stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

On February 1, Min Aung Hlaing led the military takeover and detained political leaders as well as human rights defenders across the country. The coup is a fatal attack on democracy. Myanmar’s people cannot continue to be betrayed again and again so that a small cadre of people can remain in power and rule with an iron fist.

We, the Rohingya Women’s Network, demand the immediate release of all people arrested by the military coup-makers.

The Rohingya people and other communities in Myanmar have suffered for decades under the military. In 2017, the Rohingya people bore the brunt of the mass killings, rape, and burning of entire villages by the Myanmar military.

We, the Rohingya Women’s Network believe that the 2008 Constitution does not allow a proper democracy to function in Myanmar. Many people across the country protesting in the streets are calling for eliminating the 2008 Constitution and restoring democracy. We, Rohingya women support democratic institutions fully. We support the Civil Disobedience Movement, and we will continue to pursue and support the establishment of democracy in Myanmar.

We request all the people of Myanmar to resist this military coup. Military rule in Myanmar has only brought about economic disaster, human rights abuse, inequality, and mismanagement that destroys the fabric of our society.

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