August 2, 2013 

Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh 
According to our source; 
The most Human Rights violated and technically stateless Rohingya Refugees who have been residing in Bangladesh Refugee camps untill 22 years in a crisis situation asked that they would be very grateful to you if you take an attempting which could yield a significant results for the most vulnerable Rohingya Refugee in Bangladesh who are regularly and systematically subjected to be inhuman violences always. 
As an example; 
Recently a meeting was held with Camp Management Committee in Kutupalong refugee camp on 28th July 2013, where the Camp In Charge, UNHCR, and Medical Team were present. During the meeting, Dr Tayomour Rahaman from Medical Unit UNHCR and Dr Bulbul Ahamed from Civil Surgion Cox’s Bazar said that they won’t give any type of attendant with PATIENT who will refer to Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong as well as they won’t supply any FOOD for Patient who will admitted to IPD for basic medication inside the Refugee Camp. Now the Rohingya refugees are in a terrefic situation by lack of medications and excited too after hearing this types of messages said a Camp Management Committee who denied to be named for his security. 
Not only that but also Thousands of Rohingya Refugee are in serious tragic situation because of many sheds are wasted out and plastic sheets are out of date to use in roofs due to wind and heavy rains in last several days. It is a great regret to say that the rain fall indoors before falling outdoors said a mother from Kutupalong Refugee camp. We (Rohingya Refugee) have been appealling many times to UNHCR to repair our sheds or provide the plastic sheets, bamboo, string and many other useful things to repair but the “UNHCR is not seriously concerned about the risks facing over” she added. 
Besides, Its known to the world that Govt of Bangladesh has been pushing back the Rohingya victims daily to the sea and origin country in where the violence against Rohingyas have been going on. 
The Govt of Bangladesh frequenty refused to keep Rohingya Refugee in Bangladesh; rejected the multi million proposal from UN,EU,USA, UK and other donation countries and restriction to NGOs’ activities. 
In such situation; The Australian High Commissioner to Dhaka Greg Wilcock told the Dhaka Tribune on 30th July 2013 that his country had ceased taking Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh under its third- country settlement programme. Its really very very shocked and regretful for the thousands of Myanmar Rohingya Muslims who are passing 22 years as refugee in a crisis situation in Bangladesh refugee camp who were displaced from Arakan by decades-long ethnic violence in the country. Its a kind of inhumanity for the most persecuted, helpless, defendless and stateless Rohingya refuges said a teacher who asked for not to mentioned his name here. 
As we know; If a Refugee’s life, 
liberaty and fundamental rights are at risk in both origin and hosted country, then the refugee must has right to get resettlement. But for us, its halted the teacher added. 
We pray to Allah and urge to UN, UNHCR, EU,USA, UK, OIC, IMO, HRW, INGO and other donation countries to raise their voice to propagate our situation to the world, to protect us from such inhuman violences and provide us a land where we can build up our lives with dignity and rights said another teacher from the Camp. 
May Almighty Allah shower you with unimaginable blessings and rewards. 
Yours sincerly Rohingya Refugee Bangladesh.