By The Stateless Rohingya

Zay Di Pyin, a small Rohingya village in Rathedaung Township has been seized by Myanmar armed forces and Rakhine extremists since July 28, 2017.

The situation of Rohingya villagers remains uncertain and critical as they have been barred and imposed restricted movement between villages for food, water, healthcare and other basic necessities for livings.

Besides the restriction of movement, the villagers are the frequent target of Rakhine extremists armed with weapons such as machetes, swords and sticks accompanying the police forces, who frequently harass the persecuted Rohingya villagers on daily basis.

The groups are also stealing Rohingya livestock and personal belongings such as boats as well as destruction of houses and properties with the help of police, when Rohingya face with extremely limited supply of food.

On August 4, Myanmar police and Rakhine extremists raided Auk Nan Yar (Razar Bil) village a few hundred metres south of Zay Di Pyin to arbitrary arrest community leader Abdu Shukur (40, s/o Motiur Rahman) and six other Rohingya men, resulting in firing shots towards Rohingya villagers who came to protect the innocent Rohingya leader from harassment and arrest. The gunfire severely injured five Rohingya and further arrested at least five without any reasons.

The Rohingya who injured are identified as Abdu Subhan (17, s/o Abul Kassim), Sayed Ullah (14, s/o Karimullah), Bashir Ahmed (20, s/o Mohammed Hassan), Younus (24, s/o Noor Alam) and Mv. Abdu Shukur (40, s/o Motiur Rahman).

Meanwhile, five more men were arrested and detained by the police including a father and a son. They are Rahmatullah (30, s/o Amir Hamza), Amir Hussain (41, s/o Rahmatullah), Naser Ullah (20, s/o Noor Mohammed), Hir Hussain and Khari Rahmat.

A 20-strong Police force come to arrest the injured Rohingya on August 5, when unable to find them, they taken Village Administrator Ameen and 65-year old Ahmed (s/o Kulla Mia) to the police outpost.

On August 6, a secret meeting was held in Zay Di Pyin between Border Guard Police captain Thura San Lwin and Rakhine villagers. The villagers remain in fear of further violence and abuses.

Rathedaung Township is one of the most poverty-stricken townships in Rakhine State, which has been affected during the 2012 genocidal campaign and the clearance operations in northern Maungdaw.

Zay Di Pyin villagers like other Rohingya villagers are restricted to international humanitarian assistance and neglected of their dire situations by the national government, which continues to deny the human rights abuses committed against Rohingya by the armed forces.

The siege of Zay Di Pyin continues as Rohingya villagers suffer with food, healthcare and movement.