Teknaf, Bangladesh: An unregistered refugee child died at the clinic of Lada makeshift camp (Tal) on June11, for the lack of proper treatment by doctors of Muslim Aids, said a refugee named Nuru from the camp.

“The dead child has been identified as Mohammed Riaz (5), son of Mostak Ahamed, Block-A, Shed No. 61 of Leda camp (Tal) under the Teknaf police station, Cox’s Bazar district.”
According to family source, Riaz was suddenly affected by diarrhea on June 11, at about 2:00 pm and immediately brought to the clinic of Muslim Aids. However, the doctor of Muslim Aids provided him two bottles of syrups after checking up but he was not admitted at the clinic.

“During visit at the clinic, the doctor said that the patient will be recovered if the patient takes aforesaid syrups”, according to family source.

As a result, the patient was brought to his shack by his family members regarding the advice of doctors. But, after half an hour, the situation of the patient became in critical condition.

Mostak, the father of the patient immediately brought him again to the clinic of Muslim Aids, at 4:00 pm , while some of doctors were gossiping inside the clinic. But the doctors refused to admit the patient at the clinic. Unexpectedly, one of the doctors scolded the father of the patient, pressing his neck; he was driven out from the clinic, according to an eyewitness who was failed to be named.

Eyewitness also said that father of the patient gave complaint to the Block Chairman Hafez Ayoub and the chairman immediately called doctors to give proper treatment to the patient. But the doctors did not comply with order.

When Kaladanpress asked the doctors of Muslim Aids clinic, they didn’t agree to give any statement regarding the event.

However, the patient died at about 5: 00 pm, on that day for the lack of treatment. Regarding the matter, the refugees of the Lada camp were very disappointed, demonstrated and demanded to transfer some doctors from the clinic, according to various sources.

Sources also said that many refugee children including women and males have been suffering from many kinds of diseases in Leda makeshift camp (Tal) during the hot season.

Source: KPN