News By Kaladan Press
Ukhiya, Bangladesh: The UNHCR unrecognized refugees from Kutupalong makeshift camp have been suffering with several difficulties in the field of health cares since one year, an elder from the refugee camp.

“Refugees have been facing with several topical diseases as malaria, fever, diarrhea, Tuberculosis (TB), jaundice and etc in the camp.”
“Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) gives basic treatment to the unofficial refugees and local people.”

The MSF and Action for hunger (ACF) are working on unregistered refugee camp of Kutupalong for health and sanitation, but, the refugees are not getting full support of health from MSF. The refugees only receive on basic treatment and other long times treatments are referring to other health center, according to sources from camp.

“The refugees got proper treatment two years ago from MSF, but now they are facing difficulty to get treatment now as the MSF give priority to the local people and refugee are at last. Sometimes the refugees back to their shacks with empty hand.”

Noor Alam (35), an unofficial refugee of Kutupalong makeshift camp died with jaundice at Government hospital of Cox’s Bazar on October 14, said another refugee.

“He had been suffering from jaundice since over two months in the makeshift camp.”

Alam was brought to MSF clinic for better treatment by Anuwara, his wife thrice, the MSF gave him some medicines only and he became worse day by day, but he was not refer to other hospital where he will get better treatment, according to family members.

“When he became serious condition, he was brought to government hospital of Cox’s Bazar for better treatment by his wife on October 13.”

He was admitted at hospital and got treatment, where doctor told that he becomes critical condition, need to bring him to the hospital before ten-day.

However, doctor declared his death at six o’clock in the morning that day. He was buried at refugee camp’s cemetery at four o’clock the same day.

Similarly, Repamoni (8) daughter of Dil Mohamed of Kutupalong makeshift camp has been suffering from jaundice since three months. She is going to MSF clinic for treatment where she receives only medicines and become worse day by day, according to refugee.