Teknaf Bangladesh: A refugee woman from Nayapa camp who gave birth to twin babies at Chittagong Medical Hospital on August 10 after operation who were missing or not known where about, said the mother of twin babies.

“I do not know whereabouts my newborn babies, but, doctors said the twin babies were dead.”
“Ambia Khatun (35), wife of Abdu Shukur, MRC # 2454, Nayapara camp of Cox’s Bazar district, Bangladesh, is the mother of twin and also mother of three children.”
“Ambia often visited the camp clinic of MTL after pregnancy, but she did not get proper treatment from MTL. So, Ambia with the help of UNHCR went to Chittagong Medical Hospital accompanied by her sister Mabiya Khatoon on August 8, where she was admitted in the hospital as a delivery case.”
Ambia gave birth to twin babies after operation. But, doctors and hospital staff did not hand over the babies to mother and the babies were dead. She was not allowed to see new born babies, according to hospital staff.
It is learnt that in Chittagong Medical Hospital, there were many new born babies had been disappeared or did not hand over to mothers by saying that the babies were dead. The new born babies are kept secret for hospital purpose or to sell them with money, said a service woman of hospital who denied to be named.
“Is it illegal to show babies to mother? It is a great human rights violation against the human being. Still I don’t know where my kids are. The doctors know that I am refugee, so the doctors discriminate me,” Ambia said
“Staying 12 days in the hospital for medical treatment after delivery, returned to the refugee camp, without new born babies.”
“But, the doctors gave me a letter which refers to MTL clinic’s officer of Nayapa camp to give me necessary medicines.”
After giving birth, she had to go two times in Chittagong Medical hospital for more operation, so that the patient cannot walk well. This time also she was helped by the UNHCR.
On September 8, the patient Ambiya Khatun, went to Napara camp clinic of MTL with letter of Doctors from Chittagong Medical College. But the Doctor Mobin of MTL refused to pay medicine. So, she went to the UNHCR to appraise the matter where Nur Hussain of UNHR service man went with her to the MTL clinic.The letter was thrown to the ground after taking it from him and did not pay any medicine by Dr.Mobin of MTL, said Abdu Shukur, husband of Ambia.
“Later, this matter was appraised to the CIC of the camp. So, the camp-in-Charge (CIC) called all the doctors and held a meeting on this matter and asked them to give treatment to the refugees without any hesitation. But this was on the paper, in practical there is no implementation. The patient still does not get any medicine from the clinic.”