Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh: Afflicted by several diseases, a registered Rohingya refugee woman died in the Nayapara Clinic on July 30 after being deprived of proper treatment, said a refugee from the camp on condition of anonymity.
The woman has been identified as Nasima Khatun (50), wife of Mokgul Ahamed, MRC No. 42594, Block-D, and Shed No. 707 /4 in Nayapara Camp under Cox’s Bazaar district.
Nasima was suffering from multiple diseases like entire body pain and ulcers accompanied with fever over the last six months, according to her family.She frequently went to Nayapara clinic for medicine, but she was only provided with some tablets.
When the patient’s condition became serious she was admitted to the health centre, but this time the doctors referred her for further treatment to Cox’s Bazaar Government Sadar Hospital on May 7, 2011.
She was admitted to the Cox’s Bazaar Government Hospital and released after being checked by a doctor, said her relative.
However, the doctor told her family members that she should be brought again to Cox’s Bazaar Government Hospital after one month.
After one month, she (the patient) was taken the Nayapara Clinic for further treatment, but she was not referred to Cox’s Bazaar.
On July 30 at 4:30 pm, when the patient’s condition became serious again she was admitted to the Nayapara Health Centre and was given an injection. After giving an injection, she died on the spot within two minutes. The injection was thrown down the drain, said a woman who took care of her.
Her family members tried to complain to the UNHCR regarding the matter, but UNHCR was not available that time. The dead body was buried in the refugee cemetery the next day.
A committee member said, “We don’t get proper treatment at Nayapara Clinic, and doctors don’t pay any attention to the refugee patients. Also doctors, including the Medical Team Leader (MTL), rebuke the patients when refugees frequently go to clinic with different types of diseases.
”He also said, “We the refugees can’t go outside the camp legally in front of the police gate. If we go outside the without the permission of the concerned authority, local people attack and rob the refugees
.”So, the refugees ask, why have they fled to Bangladesh from Burma? In Bangladesh they face the same persecution. Where are the rights and dignity for the Rohingya?