A Rohingya refugee – daily worker, not registered permanent worker, living Leda unregistered Rohingya refugee camp (Tal) – died in Teknaf land port on September 10 while loading timbers into a truck, Kashim, Hakim, a worker from Tekanf land port said.

The deceased was identified as— Mohamed Younus (alias) Saan Meah (33), Block-C, shed # 70 of unregistered Leda camp (Tal), he added.

Saan Meah accompanied by other refugee daily workers went to Tekanf land port for working that day in the morning. During the loading timbers at noon, a timber fell down on his head and was killed on the spot, Hussain Ahamed from Leda camp said.

leda-campSome Rohingya refugees from the unregistered Leda camp frequently go to Teknaf land port – near the refugee camp – for working for their family survival as they are still not registered as refugee by the concerned authority of Bangladesh and the UNHCR, Ahamed added.

However, the dead body was brought to Leda camp and buried in the refugee cemetery the same day, according to refugees.

“I along with my three children will face many difficulties for survival because of no earner to support the family. My elder son Mohamed Hasan is only eight years old, said Tahera Begum, wife of the dead Saan Meah.

Leda (Tal) camp is situated nearby a Mountain so that frequently it had been robbed by the local robbers and the refugees are survived by doing works in local areas and did not get any support from government and other NGOs. There are over 14,000 refugees are living without getting any support from any quarters.