Teknaf, Bangladesh: The security police of Nayapara Official Refugee Camp arrested a registered refugee on July 12 who went outside the camp for his personal purpose, said Kala Mea, a refugee from the camp.

Kabir Ahamed, 32, Block-C of Nayapara camp, went to Teknaf to buy goods without the knowledge or permission of camp authorities. He was arrested by police while re-entering the camp from a brick field near the camp.

Kabir has a shop inside the refugee camp. He sells household goods and other essential goods with the understanding of camp security police. However, the camp security police arrested Kabir and his aunt who has a Nonfood Item (NFI) data sheet of UNHCR. She also went to Teknaf.

After arrest, the two were brought to Nayapara Police Camp for investigation. The Camp-in-Charge and police officer alleged that they went outside the camp without the knowledge of camp authorities.

Yesterday, Kabir’s family members complained to the UNHCR about the incident. The UNHCR said they will follow-up about the incident with the concerned authorities.

“We don’t get any protection from UNHCR, even though we are registered in Bangladesh as refugees. How will we get protection to help our son?” asked the family members of Kabir.

“We have been living in the Bangladesh’s refugee camp for over twenty years. We have no freedom movement and no rights in Bangladesh. Where can refugees get rights and dignity?”

Kabir and his aunt were sent to Teknaf Police Station by the camp authorities later the same day.

The police filed a case against them with allegation of going outside the camp without permission and sent them to jail in Cox’s Bazaar today.

Another refugee, on condition of anonymity, said that the official refugees from Nayapara camp are not allowed to go outside the camp in front of the police gate since the arrival of Police Inspector Nurul Islam and Camp-in-Charge Saiful Islam Majumder.

Source : KPN