By Mohamed Farooq

The Burmese Government banned all the Religious High School termed as Maddarasa since sectarian violence of last June, 2012.  Nobody can acquire and teach religious study. There are also so many Religious Basic Education Schools called Maqtab where children learn how to read Quran, how to perform five times prayer in a day and learn all the obligatory points of a Muslim in Islam. Unless proper basic education of Islam, no one can know what is Islam.

Burmese authority banned all the Religiuos Basic Education Schools in Saheb Bazar, Fokira Bazar, and all belonging villages of Nasaka Areas number one and two under the tract of Maungdaw Township, Arakan. The Burmese authority is going to demolish all the Muslim Religious Activities in the soil of Arakan, Burma. There is no permission to perform prayer in the Mosque unlike the global countries.

The Border Security Forces, Nasaka kill, rape, mass arrest, harasses torture and extort money with sort of false allegations to defenseless Rohingya in Arakan every day.  Home place is a hell for every Rohingya to be survival more. This is a cordial request to International community to step forward to save Rohingya life as a right of Human Being.