Rohingya Action Ireland welcomes the release of Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo who were jailed for reporting on the massacre and other devastating human rights abuses directed at the Rohingya in Myanmar.

We hope the release marks in some way a recognition of the long-standing record of Human Rights Abuses at the hands of Myanmar Military. There is evidence and proof, verified by international agencies, including the UN that Myanmar security forces are responsible for genocide, arson, enforced disappearances, extortion, arbitrarily imprisonment, severe restrictions on movement, and lack of food, education and health care. There are also verifiable reports of sexual violence being committed by the armed forces in ethnic minorities regions.

The release of the Reuters reporters is a positive move. However, there are still thousands of Rohingya civilians arbitrarily detained during the campagins of genocide. They are denied legal representation, justice and are separated from their loved ones. There continuous to be severe restrictions on the Freedom of the Press and intimidation of journalists from reporting on the human rights abuses being committed by the military.

We must continue to call the Myanmar military to account for their ongoing crimes against humanity.