Rohingya Action Ireland urges Ireland
to use its seat on the security council to pressurise UN member states
to monitor the actions of the Myanmar military

Press Release

February 1, 2021

The latest coup from the Myanmar military indicates yet another abuse of power. Seizing power by force and arresting elected leaders is a threat to democracy.

The coup has already brought back painful memories of military action where the Rohingya were subject to genocide. The first day of the coup has witnessed telecommunication disruptions, raids, a heavy presence of soldiers on the streets, fear, insecurity and is yet again a threat to human rights in Myanmar. The Myanmar military has a poor record of paying any heed to human rights legislation in their dealings with the Rohingya and have been recorded by the UN as ‘carrying out genocidal acts against the Rohingya’.

Rohingya Action Ireland recognises that ethnicity and conflict are inextricably linked in Myanmar. We are gravely concerned about the immediate outcomes of the coup and are apprehensive about the potential of more bloodshed, the abuse of human rights and the disregard for the process of democracy.

We call upon the international community to condemn the actions of the Myanmar military. Specifically, we ask that Ireland uses its seat on the 15 member UN Security Council, where we now have the opportunity to make a contribution to the maintenance of international peace and security.  We strongly encourage Ireland to use its voice and influence on the council to call for careful monitoring of the actions of the Myanmar Military to ensure the human rights of all minorities and ethnicities are preserved.

Mohammed Rafique
Stephanie McDermott
Rohingya Action Ireland

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