By The Rohingya Post

On September 2, Ismail, son of Mohammed Amin sustained a serious injury in a landmine that was assumed to be implanted by Myanmar Military since there is a presence of the military battalion in the area.

The 21-year-old Rohingya boy from Kandar village of Pu Kaung Chaung village tract in Buthidaung was collecting some firewood for his family in a nearby forest located on the western side of Sein Nyi Pya village.

He stepped on the landmine, sustaining the serious blast injury on his left leg at around 1:35 PM local time. He was immediately admitted to General Hospital in Buthidaung where a below-the-knee amputation was performed as an emergency treatment.

The amputation has made him permanently disabled, which could have serious consequences on his family. Ismail is the breadwinner of his family of five sisters and mother.

The entire family depends on Ismail to survive after he has lost his father six years ago. The doctor from the hospital has advised him to take a full month treatment and rest to heal the leg.

The family has appealed to the public and generous donors to assist his treatment.

Note: To donate for Ismail and his family, please leave a message at, we will try to connect with his family.