By The Stateless Rohingya

One Rohingya lost his life and another harassed and tortured when went to find food to support families

RATHEDAUNG: A Rohingya fisherman is believed to be decapitated in a river near Tha Pyay Taw (also known as Saw Prang), Hpet Leik village tract, Rathedaung Township on August 19.

The victim is identified as Sharif Hossain, son of Siddque Ahmed who went fishing to the river at around 4:30pm (GMT +6:30). He was reportedly attacked by some Rakhine extremist settlers, brutally decapitated before throwing the body into the river.

When he did not return home on Thursday after fishing, his family and villagers were worried of his life as there is a dramatic rise of violence and terrorism against Rohingya civilians as well as the complete blockage of travelling between villages in Rathedaung. After receiving a call from another Rohingya fisherman who saw what believed to be a part of Mr. Sharif body in the river, the villagers went to the site where the murder took place. They found the presence of blood, but no body.

The blockage has been in place for more than 16 days, imposed by Myanmar Armed Forces and Rakhine extremists.

As Rohingya villagers face life and death with depletion of daily basic goods, many villagers are forced to risk their lives to go fishing or finding food in rivers near their villagers.

Mr. Sharif lost his life to support his family, and the family lost their bread-winner.

Rohingya family harassed and tortured

On Friday, 18 August, Mohammed Tayoub (33, son of Nur Mohammed) and his two young daughters were harassed and tortured by Myanmar forces and Rakhine extremists while fishing in a river.

The family belongs to Than Gan Net village of Thein Taung, Rathedaung, where the attack took place.

Mohammed Tayoub is a firewood seller in profession, however he is unable to go to forests to collect firewood due to the increase violence and the restriction of movement against Rohingya. As a result, he, along with his daughters went to a nearby river to catch some fish in order to support his family.

When they were caught fishing, the forces took them to nearby Than Zin Myaing Rakhine village where they were harassed and tortured by Rakhine extremists and military personnel. The family is then released leaving behind severe marks sustained from the torture, and unable to afford or get medical treatment.

A Rohingya resident describes the situation of Rohingya in Rathedaung, “We are in completely dire situation right now after continuous and repeated blockages and attacks of military and Rakhine extremists in the area, for which we cannot find food and more than two thirds of villagers in Rathedaung face serious food crisis.”