By The Rohingya Post

Kyauktaw, Arakan State: On October 13, a Rohingya mother and her two-year-old son have been injured in a landmine explosion in Pa Laung, Khaung Toke village tract, Kyauktaw, Arakan State.

The explosion happened at around 6:00am local time when Ayesha Khatun was inside her house, which has severely injured her chest with the fragments of landmine. Her son has also sustained a minor injury on his back.

Ayesha Khatun was initially treated at Kyauktaw General Hospital and later transferred to Sittwe General Hospital where she currently receives urgent medical treatments while her son was treated at the village.

The explosion has also destroyed at least eight Rohingya houses in Pa Laung.

The village which hosts 250 Rohingya houses, is located a few yards from No. 9 Myanmar Military’s Operational Command Headquarter.