An appeal on Humanitarian Ground to Safe and Protect Rohingya Refugee in Bangladesh.
Your Excellencies!
We the most Human Rights violated Rohingya Refugee from Bangladesh. We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and your government’s assertion which consider significant results for the most violated, persecuted, needy, and vulnerable Rohingya Refugee in Bangladesh.
Rohingya are under inhuman violence like killing, rape, assassination, oppression, extortion and several sorts of persecutions by illegal military Junta since 1962. And recently Burmese new government started systematically Genocide and Ethnic cleansing with the help of Rakhaine terrorists and Bangladesh pushing back the Rohingya, who come to scape from illing, without giving shelter where most of them lost their lives.
Not only that, the illegal imprisonment, fabricated law suits,sometimes arbitrary asserting is also our daily summary in both sides.
We, now technically stateless people, have been residing in Bangladesh Refugee camps for 22 years without getting adequate fundamental rights like Education, Medication, Food and non-food Items, Hygienic and Security.
It is a great regret to express you that we are regularly and systematically intimidated, tortured, raped, and killed by local people of politically motivated group and racially intolerant groups
with impunity in Bangladesh and the camp level authorities never interfere when this kind of inhuman events happen. Sometimes even encourage them, who are supposed to be responsible for the so called inhumanity for not well- being and safety of these stateless, helpless, friendless as well as deprived, weak needy people.
As you know, the govt of Bangladesh frequenty refused to keep us in Bangladesh; rejected the multi million proposal from UN,EU,USA, UK and other donar countries and restricted activities of humanitarian NGOs.
So , we urge you and your goverment to negotiate with Burma, Bangladesh and UNHCR to provide us our lives to any where in the world where we can live with liberty and practise fundamental rights.
So may we therefore, hope that you would be kind enough to raise your voice to propagate our situation to the world, to protect us from such inhuman violence and to provide us a land where we can build up our lives with dignity and rights as soon as possible. May Almighty shower
you with unimaginable blessing and rewards.
Yours sincerely Rohingya Refugee Bangladesh.