By The Stateless Rohingya

When the ongoing genocidal campaign unfolded in northern Rakhine State, Rohingya in Myo Thu Gyi Village (Hainda Fara), Maungdaw township were taken hostage by Myanmar armed forces burning their houses between August 25 and 27.

According to Noor Amin from Myo Thu Gyi who managed to flee to Bangladesh along with 10 other villagers, the forces rounded them up and starved without food and water for two days.

They were beaten and harassed inhumanely killing ten of them. Among dead was a 27-year of Rohingya woman.

  1. Shaker, 22, son of (s/o) Muggol Ahmed
  2. Dil Dar, 27, daughter of (d/o) Shukur
  3. Shaker, 18, s/o Jalal Ahmed
  4. Yunous, 25, s/o Osman
  5. Yasin, 30, s/o Bashor
  6. Shofik, 15, s/o Rashid Ahmed
  7. Mohammed Shah, 21, s/o Abdu Rahman
  8. Anamul Hasson, 23, s/o Yunous
  9. Shodu, 16, s/o Noor Mohammed
  10. Ismail, 30, s/o Abu Tahir

Eleven of Myo Thu Gyi villagers who are now without proper medical treatments, take shelter in Balukhali refugee camp. The following are injured Rohingya who fled along with Noor Amin.

  1. Hamid Husson, 24, s/o Shuna Miah
  2. Yunous, 27, s/o Shah Alam
  3. Noor Hakim, 30, s/o Khala Miah
  4. Hafiz Mohammed Hasson, 26, s/o Abdul Hakim
  5. Hafiz Ullah, 16, s/o Mohammed Shofi
  6. Akram, 21, s/o Yusouf
  7. Noor Amin, 35, s/o Fazal
  8. Abdul Hamid, 20, s/o Dil Mohammed
  9. Kifayat Ullah, 19, s/o MV. Ali Akbar
  10. Abul Hasim, 29, s/o Husson Nohar
  11. Hafiz Mohammed Shofi, 25, Mohammed Husson

Noor Amin said that there were several instances of Myanmar military committed atrocities in other hamlets of his village.

More than 540,000 Rohingya have fled into Bangladesh when the military launched the campaign of genocide as their villages were razed to ground. The vast majority of the refugees are children who face medical and humanitarian crisis in several Bangladesh refugee camps.