Teknaf, BangladeshA registered Rohingya refugee was stabbed by local goons yesterday evening while he was entering Nayapara camp from the alternative way of a brick field, said a relative of the victim.

Ozi Ullah, the victim of local goons, is waiting for treatment

“Ozi Ullah, (20) block-E, shed 961/3 of Nayapara official camp, went to Teknaf to sell some ornaments, and returned to the camp at 6:30 p.m. He had 12,000 Taka and one mobile phone.”

“Local goons attacked him when he entered the camp and took all his belongings after he was severally beaten.”

The victim knows two robbers of the local goons, namely Dil Mohamed and Nazir Ahmed, who hail from Nayapara village. They are father and son, said a friend of the victim quoting the victim.

The accident was discussed with his family members and the refugee. On hearing it, some refugees including his family members went to the spot and brought him inside the camp, said a family member.

Later, he was admitted to the Nayapara camp clinic, where he received treatment.

A refugee said, “It occurred because he could not enter at the front of the police gate legally.”

Police frequently go to the alternative way (brick field) and arrest refugees where refugees enter the camp without knowledge of camp authorities.”

At this moment, the registered refugees have no way to go to outside the Nayapara camp for fear of police arrest and attacks by locals, said a committee member.

He also said that UNHCR has not taken any steps to assist refugees’ movements since the camp security imposed the restrictions on refugees.