By The Rohingya Post

As Myanmar plays trick with the international community to divert attention from the punishable crimes committed against Rohingya, refugees who take shelter in several squalid camps, are only ready to return to their birthplace under the protection of U.N. and international communities.

U Kyaw Min, a Rohingya community leader in Balukhali camp who fled the Myanmar genocide in August, said, “We cannot blindly return to that country based on what Myanmar government says. Our villages and homes in Myanmar were clearly burned down and bulldozed.”

“People are still fleeing because of persecutions under Myanmar government. If the U.N. is involved with us, we are ready to return to our protected homeland.”

Nearly 700,000 Rohingya were forced to flee Myanmar within the period of 6 months since August 2017 when Myanmar military launched the coordinated campaign which amounts to genocide.

It has resulted in the destructions of over 350 villages including hundreds of mosques and religious infrastructures.

The military has also committed genocidal crimes killing over 12,000 Rohingya children, women and men. And it has used rape as a weapon against Rohingya girls and women, many of the survivors are expected to give births in Bangladesh refugee camps as it enters 9th month since the campaign of rape and mass atrocities.