By The Stateless

Kutupalong, Ukhiya: It is always insecurity that chases Rohingya and forces their dreams and future prospects in jeopardy. The insecurity faced by Rohingya in Bangladesh refugee camps has been increasingly high in the recent days, in fact it has always been ever since they have set their foot in the soil of neighbourhood, Bangladesh with a hope that they will be looked upon with a kind eye. Sadly, it turned out to be opposite of what they have expected, instead groups of local gangs and local officers have been abusing and taking advantages of the stateless Rohingya living in registered and unregistered Refugee camps.

On October 24th 2014, the insecurity level is reached a new high in both registered refugee camps in Kutupalong and Naya Para as well as unregistered refugee camps after a registered Rohingya refugee youth tried to block a local gang from robbing of another unregistered refugee. At 2:00 pm local time, the youth helped to retrieve the belongings of the victims from the hands of the robber, Nazzwa who felt insult as he lost in robbery to a Rohingya.

He then brought the matter to the notorious gang leader and union member, Boktiar Ahmed who ordered his gang members, Mirzan, Nazzwa and other to beat and loot Rohingya buyers and sellers within and around the refugee camps. They destroyed and beat anyone they found whether they are men, women, boys, girls, sick or disabled. The attack has caused severe damages to the livelihoods and physical health of many Rohingya. The attack on a Rohingya woman provoked a Rohingya refugee to act and prevent the woman from the gangs which has further angered the gang leader Boktia to carry out more attacks on the lives of Rohingya refugees.

The barbarous gang leader, Boktiar now demands the local government and officers to remove and force 20 registered Rohingya refugee families to be transfer to Naya Para refugee camps, so that they can be easily targeted and make their lives more miserable. He also warns that his gang and other gangs will block or attack any humanitarian agency working for solidarity of Rohingya refugees and make Rohingya lives more insecure unless his demand is met.